Sleep is a vital function.¬†All animals, mammals, birds, insects, and … plants rest according to precise cycles.

We occupy about a third of our adult life (and still more in childhood) to sleep, so we spend 30 years of our lives sleeping! Sleep participates in the restoration and repair of our body and provides it with the energy to face the day ahead. It is essential for physical and intellectual well-being: the body recovers, the brain too.

Here are a couple things you might not know about sleep.

-sleep works in cycles. From the very first signs (yawns, eyelids that blink, etc.), it is necessary to lie down. Otherwise it is necessary to wait for the next cycle which passes 90 minutes later (= the duration of a sleep cycle)

– To go to sleep at regular times: it is necessary to “train” the brain.

-Television, internet, video games, game console, screens are enemies for sleep as they stimulate the brain and maintain the level of stimulation. If you really are a hardcore addict, the screens should not be in the dark (leave the room on) otherwise the brain is much more stimulated and will have trouble getting into sleep mode …

-Once the light is off, aim for total darkness in the room.

-prepare the room a little before bedtime

-See how you can better soundproof the room in which you sleep.

-The bed is only a place to sleep and nothing more. If you need to read, if you are working on your computer: do not do it in bed; Your brain needs to be “educated” to automatically spot that the bed is made to sleep. Read or work on your PC in another room, or sit on a chair in your room.

– Relax before bed, and avoid video games that “shake neurons”, avoid annoyances and disputes (if possible!) Simple exercises of breathing and relaxation are a good way to Relax the body and mind.