You must first choose the sink you want. If you are replacing an old one it should be of the same size, so that it does not have to be rectified on the countertop. If the counter is new you will have it easier, because you can adapt the hole to the sink so it’s more to your liking. The right thing to do is to mount the drain valve, fastening clips, sealant and the faucet with its hoses in the sink before installing it.

Step 1. Prepare the sink valve, depending on the type of drain you have, usually related to the diameter of the sink. Dismantle each part with a screwdriver.

Step 2. Place the valve itself under the sink and, through the breast part, the gasket and the valve mouth. With a hand screwdriver, tighten the valve ensuring that it is firmly fixed and centered inside the drain hole.

Step 3. Now place the overflow, according to the model chosen and adapted to the type of sink. One part goes into the drain valve and the other, with a sealing gasket, into the grate where the water will overflow if the drain siphon is filled.

Step 4. Do not forget to screw the overflow tightly on the inside of the breast with a screwdriver.

Step 5. Now place the corresponding staples in the metal profile prepared for it at the bottom of the sink. Place the ones recommended by the manufacturer, depending on the size of the sink. Usually, the staples come under pressure.

Step 6. Next you must put the tape or sealant that can be included with the sink or buy it independently. Alternatively, a silicone cord can be applied.

Step 7. Now prepare the faucet. Insert the two hoses into their corresponding holes, one for the hot water outlet and one for the cold water outlet.

Step 8. You must also insert one or two rods or threaded rods of tightening, according to the model of the tap.

Step 9. Now insert the rubber gasket and its associated tightening plate into the stem or stems of the faucet.

Step 10. Hand-tighten the screw or tightening screws that will end up holding the faucet tightly to the surface of the sink.

Step 11. Definitive tightening of the screw is done on most faucet models with a pipe wrench, usually 12 mm. This operation can be topped off once the sink has been placed on the hob.

Step 12. You can now reattach any accessories like the garbage disposal Make sure they are securely fastened of course.